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A Fence Extension for Buster The Dog

As we suggested a few weeks ago, a fence extension for Buster the Dog has been built. In a previous post we mentioned that Buster had figured out that the underground fence was only effective on him when he was wearing the special collar. He really is a clever dog, but it can be a..

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Underground Dog Fence For Buster The Dog

We have just finished installing an underground dog fence for Buster the dog this weekend. I know that many of you may be wondering why we have decided to do this. As with everything in life, there is always a bit of a story behind every choice. It all started a couple of weeks ago…

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Cooking, Dogs and, Bloody Land Rovers.

Cooking, Dogs and, Bloody Land Rovers. Do not let the title mislead you. We do not cook our beloved dog in the Land Rover. We do however love our cooking, we love our Dog, and we get very frustrated with the bloody Land Rover. So, more about each of these in my ramblings for today…

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