We have recently learned the importance of backing up your data. But I’m getting ahead of myself a little, I’ll start at the beginning. Some of our regular readers have been wondering where we are, and why have we not uploaded anything recently. To make a long story short, our desk top computer suffered a tragic death. We couldn’t get access to the data on the computer.

For most people, this would probably be inconvenient, possibly a little costly financially, but wouldn’t be a huge problem. I’m a little bit different (and that’s a bloody big understatement) IO have challenges with passwords. I made the mistake of storing a document with all my passwords listed out on the computer. That seemed like a great idea at the time. No need to try to remember them all, just copy and paste whenever I needed to login to any sites. This little system worked great, right up until the moment when I could no longer get access to my files on the computer because it had a major fault.

Back up your data somewhere remote from your computer. As in, on an external hard drive, or a Dropbox account, or Google Docs account, or even a USB memory stick, to give you a few examples. Anywhere, maybe even all those places. Maybe you know of another method. All I can suggest is …. Find a method of backing up your data, then use it.

We have learned our lesson from our mistake. We had many events taking place at the same time that our beloved computer decided that it was going to die. Literally several hours after it died we received information from the Department of Immigration here in Australia that there were a few issues with the application for Beth. We really needed access to some documents that were on our desktop. Good luck with that buddy. I’ll write more about those little issues with the Immigration process in another post.

So what method have we utilized to back up our data? We have a small external hard drive. We didn’t need a huge capacity, just enough for the important documents and some pictures. We also have another back up system by utilizing a couple of USB sticks. Most of our pictures and video files are backed up by uploading to a Dropbox account. I have since been led to believe that similar could also be accomplished with a Flickr account.

Some people may question why we have a couple of USB sticks when we also have an external hard drive. Simple really, a USB stick is just so easy to put in my pocket and print out some items at work for the boss, or get fresh copies made of Beth’s resume, or any multitude of things really. But it is basically used for items that are at times needed to be printed out. Have you ever tried to carry an external hard drive in your pocket, a USB stick is just so much easier.

So, now that we once again have access to all our data, we will be uploading more to this site again over the next week or so. You can expect to see some more about our challenges with the Australian Department of Immigration. That is definitely a story (almost its own website) that deserves to be told. Going to give a bit of an update about Buster the dog, his antics with the hidden fence. The ongoing saga of the Land Rover Discovery with its cracked head. All of these will be coming up in the near future.

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