Cooking, Dogs and, Bloody Land Rovers. Do not let the title mislead you. We do not cook our beloved dog in the Land Rover. We do however love our cooking, we love our Dog, and we get very frustrated with the bloody Land Rover. So, more about each of these in my ramblings for today.

I s’pose I’ll start with the cooking, as that seems to be the subject that many of you seem to love to hear about.


My Dad is coming to visit for lunch tomorrow, so Beth is a little concerned about what meal she will prepare for him. Beth has decided that she will be serving a either a Chicken Adobo or, a Bicol Express with Pork Belly. Now I’m really not too concerned about which one of these magnificent meals she decides to prepare, because I’m a big fan of both of them. Hey, I win no matter which choice hits the table in front of me.

For the last few months we have been growing our own Lemon Grass in our back yard. We started doing this because many Asian cooking recipes utilise Lemon Grass in the process. We found that it is not a product that is easily bought at the local store here in Australia, so we started growing our own. We have it planted next to the Pumpkin, and now we have these massive amounts of Lemon Grass in between the Pumpkins that seem to be almost out of control. We don’t really mind, as the benefit of adding the Lemon Grass into the cooking process is just so great, especially in the Vietnamese and Thai style recipes.

There are a few cook books available that specialise in recipes from these areas of the world, you can find some of them here on this website. Do yourself a favour and check them out, your taste buds (and those of your friends and family) will be forever grateful.


Buster the Dog.

So what has Buster been up to these last few weeks. We are slowly trying to get our boy accustomed to the idea of being at home alone. Unlike many dogs in the world, ever since Buster joined our family he has NEVER been alone. This is a double edged sword in so many ways. On one side, he is very protective of Beth and also of our home. He is very loved, and we know and understand his moods almost as well as he knows and understands us. He is very aware of Beth’s moods and feelings. So what is the down side of this situation…. Oh dear. He gets so very upset when we both go out and leave him. The first time we left him at home alone, we were only gone for about 30 minutes. When we arrived home he was still howling, sitting on the back verandah, surrounded by his own vomit. Yes, he gets separation anxiety.

The solution it seems is little baby steps, just a little each day. I go to work each day, and Beth will wait until later in the morning to go out for a short time. She will go out for an hour, then the next day an hour and a half. On the weekend we will both go out together for about two hours, slowly building the separation time each week. He still howls and cries, but it only lasts for about ten minutes now (so out patient neighbor informs us), and as a bonus he is no longer getting so distressed as to cause vomiting. Eventually we hope to be able to go out all day without him getting distressed. We love our boy, we take him with us almost everywhere, we play with him every day in the park, and he goes for a walk almost every evening of the week. However, there are times when we can’t take him with us, so we must teach him that sometimes he has to be at home alone.

Buster does have a Facebook page, you can find him with his regular updates at


We will soon be getting some links for some great dog type products here to share with you so that you can enjoy mans best friend as much as we do. Check back on a regular basis for the latest products. Until then, have a look at some of the other products that we have available here.


The Bloody Land Rover Discovery.

The Bloody Land Rover. Oh dear, what can I say about this vehicle. Honestly, it has been nothing but a total disappointment. It does give us heartache on a very regular basis. To the credit of the company (Land Rover) there really are some brilliant ideas and concepts within the design of the basic vehicle. It just would have been so much better if the execution and installation of those ideas and concepts had been better carried out. I have come to the conclusion that the motto for Land Rover goes something like …. Land Rover, great ideas, poorly executed. Or maybe. …. Land Rover, fantastic concept, badly built. Whatever, I’m sure that you are all getting the general idea that I’m not at all impressed with this vehicle, and unfortunately you are correct.

The latest in a long line of issues, it seems that it has blown the head gasket. I have yet to fully investigate, so not yet sure of the full extent of the damage. I have done a lot of online research (great idea to try to learn as much as possible prior to getting the toolbox out) and it seems to be a very common fault that these vehicles have is to develop a crack in the head. This crack very conveniently occurs in the vicinity of the internal fuel rail. So, several different faults all happening at the same time, all within the same area (head). Head gasket damage allowing drop in compression and combustion pressures. Also allowing a small amount of coolant to enter the combustion chamber, and creating a hydraulic lock. Simultaneously developing a small crack in the head around the area of the internal fuel rail. This allows fuel to enter into the coolant. Unfortunately it also allows coolant to enter the fuel system.  None of these scenarios are good, all of them are expensive, some of them more expensive than others. I guess I’ll just have to bide my time, be patient, and I’ll soon learn the full extent of the damage to both the engine and our bank account.

Well, I think that Beth has got our evening meal prepared now, once again it will be something full of flavour and aroma. So I’ll have that then we will take Buster for his evening walk.