As many of our regular followers are aware, We grow a lot of our own fruit and vegetables, we find that they are always way better tasting than those bought in the major supermarkets. This is possibly due to the facts that we do not use any chemicals (totally organically grown), and we always allow the fruit to ripen prior to harvesting.

We are doing quite well with our Pumpkins, to the point that they were beginning to get a little bit out of control at one point. The last harvest that we did gave us another 8 Pumpkins for our pantry, we gave most of them to friends and neighbours. Beth does make the world’s best Pumpkin Pie.

Our Papaya tree has an interesting little story. We never actually planted it. We were living at our previous address, and it just started growing (possibly a seed carelessly thrown out by a previous tenant), so we gave it a little love. After a few months it began to develop some small fruits. Shortly after this we had to move home to our current location. We really didn’t want to leave the Papaya tree behind, so we carefully dug it out and transported it to our new location, then replanted it.

We think that at one point it was in the tree version of shock, we really thought that it was going to die. The two small fruits fell off, then all of the foliage also fell off. It was just a stick in the ground with a few very small leaves at the very top. Then after a few months it finally started to get some more foliage and began looking a lot healthier. A few small flowers then became fruits. Then we were hit with a hail storm, the small fruits and most of the foliage were quite badly damaged.

Mother Nature is wonderful, this little tree fought back, and is now thriving. It has finally given us the fruit that it has promised now for so long. We can honestly say that they are the nicest papaya that we have ever tasted. Totally chemical free, and organically grown. The only fertiliser came from Buster the Dog, plus the grass cuttings from when we mow the yard.

The Eggplant has proven itself to be quite tasty. It does seem to be a reasonably easy crop to grow, not being too prone to disease or insects. We do however have some Marigolds and Garlic growing among it, so that may be assisting with keeping the pests away.

We have several Chilli plants, all of them are doing very well. They are quite hot little Chilli’s because we see no point in growing mild varieties. We did at one point have some very hot (read that as my eyeballs were sweating) varieties, but unfortunately they did not survive the relocating exercise that was the same as the Papaya.

The Snake Beans have been giving a regular and reliable harvest for a few months now. They are great to include in most of the meals, including fresh salads. Cook them together with some of our pumpkin, and add in a little chili and garlic, it’s great. They do have a lovely fresh crunch to them that always seems to be better with them being home grown and allowed to ripen on the plant.

We are always keeping our eyes open for varieties of food that we can easily grow at home. We love the freshness of the flavour, we love the fact that we don’t use chemicals. Most of all, we love the fact that we can do it ourselves, the financial savings are just a bonus, in reality, it’s the self-satisfaction.

Speaking of satisfaction, I can smell that Beth has once again got something fantastic cooking, so I better go and investigate.