We have finally made the decision to purchase a Mono pod, otherwise known as a Selfie Stick. The choice was more out of need rather than want. As many of you know, we do a lot of video. Beth does a lot of video with her singing, and we both do quite a bit onto YouTube. Those of our regular subscribers would have noticed on our last YouTube video taken in our back yard that we really do need some type of selfie stick for that particular video. I’ll put a link to it below this paragraph so that you will all understand exactly what we are trying to explain.

So, we went shopping online for a selfie stick. We eventually found one for about $20 Australian, with free postage. It actually shipped to us from Singapore. It is quite a good little Mono Pod. We admit that there are many others that are possibly better quality, and there are others that are cheaper, and some that are definitely way more expensive. This one just so happens to suit us for our current needs and our current budget. We like that it has the attachment for a tripod to be screwed into the base of the pole, effectively turning it into a tripod. We like the fact that we can use both the tripod base and the Mono pod pole at the same time independently of each other. That single point is important to us, because we did not then need to purchase two separate pieces of equipment.

We like that we can use it with either the iPhone 6 or with the Drift Action Camera. The attachment for the iPhone will accept the standard iPhone 6 easily however, it is a quite firm fit if it has an accessory protective case as mine does. Don’t get me wrong, it does still fit, but it is a very snug fit. It does seem to be excellent for what we require at this stage when it comes to using our video camera. Time will tell if we have made the correct choice, I’m sure that there are possibly many other choices out there that are way better quality with more features. I’m also positive that those are way out of our price range budget.

The brand of Mono pod that we have purchased is Kaiser Baas. Now I’m reasonably confident that they are available on Amazon, and I’m 100% positive that they are available on Ebay. I know for a fact that Mono pods ( Selfie Sticks ) are absolutely available for purchase on both amazon and Ebay. Of course, that is all dependent on what part of the world you are in, and where in the world you are to receive the item. But I’m sure that you get the general idea of what I’m trying to say.

Check out the pictures with both the iPhone 6 and also with the Drift action Camera. Have a look at the YouTube Video where we introduce the equipment. While you’re there, check out some of the other videos on our channel, share with your friends, and subscribe to get updates.