The antics of Buster the Dog have given us a reason to post the latest update about the Hidden Fence, also sometimes known as an Underground Fence. Until quite recently we would only use the fence when we had to leave Buster at home alone, then only for short periods of time. It was working very well, and he was not attempting to jump the fence. Well, he was always at home in our yard when we arrived home, so we assumed that he was staying within the confines of our property.

Keeping in mind the type of dog that Buster has been bred from, he comes from a Working Dog background, so he is quite intelligent. This is one of the reasons that we love his personality, he’s a clever little fellah. It is also one of the (at times) slightly annoying traits of his personality, he’s a clever little fellah, and very difficult to make him do something that he doesn’t want to do. Recently Beth had to return to the Philippines for a few weeks, this left Buster and I here alone. The result was that poor little Buster was left at home alone for most of the day while I was at work.

While I was at work, the fence was activated and Buster was wearing the collar. He was always at home in our yard when I arrived home from work. The neighbors inform me that to the best of their knowledge he remained in the yard all day. He was always very happy to see me come home, and I would remove the collar from him. We would have our dinner and go for our evening walk. Then we would repeat the whole process again the following day, starting with me placing the collar on him just prior to leaving for work. The system was operating perfectly at this stage.

When Beth returned to Brisbane from her return to the Philippines we relaxed a little. Buster the dog was much happier now because Beth was at home. We didn’t use the fence and collar everyday now, as Beth was at home most days, and when going to the store or similar, would only be gone for a short time. We did use it on the occasions when there was nobody at home with him, but it was only for an hour or so. But we had forgotten one very important fact.

Buster the dog is an intelligent young fellah, and had been learning many things in the previous few weeks. He had learned that our method of stopping him from jumping the fence involved him wearing a special collar. He is smart enough to learn that if he is not wearing the special collar, he can still jump the fence. He has learned that if he is not wearing the collar, he can do whatever he wants to do. A part of me finds this to be very annoying, but there is another small part of me that is kinda impressed.

We discovered this fact when we went out into the front yard to do a little gardening. Next thing we know, he is beside us. We realized that the only time that he has ever jumped the fence, is when he is trying to be with us. We were aware of the issue, but there was not a lot that we could do about it, as we didn’t really want him to be wearing the collar all day even if we were at home.

So now the latest little episode. Last night we discovered that he had jumped the fence to chase the cat from across the street. He does hate that cat with a vengeance. Kinda understandable really. The cat is guilty of teasing him when he was wearing the collar, coming right up to the fence and laying there, realising that although Buster was going insane, he couldn’t do a thing about the fact that the cat was on his territory. Buster finally got to chase the cat at about 11:30 last night. He didn’t catch the cat, but he certainly gave it something to think about. More importantly, he has given us a lot to think about.

The time has now come for us to start investing in an upper extension for our fences. We will need to purchase some extra-long fence pickets, and a lot of bird wire mesh. Then we will add on to the current height of the existing fence. Oh bugger, we were really trying to avoid that situation. Still, it could be worse. Good that we have discovered his little antics prior to him possibly deciding to chase the postman and knock him over. Then we would be on the receiving end of legal issues. So, in the near future, expect to see a post on building fence extensions to contain Buster the Dog within the confines of our property.