We are lovers of great food. When we say this, we are meaning that we love food with great flavour.

We are not at all concerned that most foods we eat are not served to us by a waiter on the finest china plates and use expensive silverware to eat it. We would rather have the fantastic flavours and eat from our bare hands if necessary. Because we are both widely traveled , we have very broad minds when it comes to taste and flavour. We are going to share some images of the types of foods that we make here in our home.

We will try to organize them all into some sort of order of similar categories



Baboy is the Philippine word for Pig. It is slow cooked on a spit over a hot bed of coals. The secret to the fantastic flavour is that the body cavity is filled with Lemon Grass (Lots and lots of Lemon Grass). Often there is also a chicken simultaneously cooked inside the body cavity of the pig with the lemon grass. The recipe for the exact ingredients will vary a little within the Philippines depending on the local customs of the individual province. However, the basic idea is slow roasted on a spit over hot coals for about four or five hours, while filling the cavity with Lemon Grass.




Manok is the Philippine word for Chicken. As with Lechon Baboy, the Manok also has the body cavity filled with Lemon Grass. It is also very common to have some crushed Garlic and a little lemon rind in the body cavity with the Lemon Grass. In short, it is only limited by your own imagination should you wish to attempt your own version. The picture below was taken after we removed from the Spit Roast  and started to break up in preparation for serving.



Escabeche. The fish is quickly fried and then served in a sweet and sour type sauce with vegetables and some coriander as a garnish. The flavour is amazing. The fish is usually Telopia or similar.


Ginisang Kangkong:

Serrved with Tuna. The Kangkong is cooked in a Oyster and Soy sauce mix, then has the Tuna added prior to serving.



Tortang Talong. The Egg Plant fruit is split open, then fried within a mix of Egg, Tomato and Spring Onion.


Pork or Chicken based meal (pictured is Pork), cooked with Bok Choy, String Beans, Chick Peas, and Tomato Paste.



Pork Belly with vegetables cooked with a shrimp paste.


Our efforts of various styles of both Red and Green curry. These were influenced by our journeys into the land of smiles and being overwhelmed by the fantastic flavour of the food.

Green Curry:


Red Curry:


Aussie Jaffles are cooked in a Jaffle Iron. These are a very simple, quick meal. Made with two slices of bread, it is basically a toasted sandwich, however, the jaffle iron seals the edges of the sandwich together. The filling of the jaffle can be literally almost anything that you can imagine. But some of the very common fillings are tinned spaghetti, chillie con carne, or beef stew. Advanced users of the jaffle iron can cook bacon and egg in the iron, then place in the bread and seal the whole lot with the result being a bacon and egg toasted sandwich, that is sealed and doesn’t leak. Shown here in pictures, we used a normal kitchen stove, but they are definitely best cooked on a open fire, or in a bed of coals.