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Philippines farming area. 2013
Big visit to the AIM Global store 2013

Beth is the ninth born child of a multi crop farmer from Panabo in the southern Philippines. She spent her early childhood in the country area near Davao. After her schooling she traveled and worked extensively in the middle east, including Kuwait and Qatar. Upon her return to the Philippines she was introduced to the range of products from AIM Global. Health and longevity is very important to Beth, as she lost her father to illness at the young age of 59. Having witnessed so many people suffering from basic health issues, Beth has become passionate about helping others to improve their basic health.

At one point Beth developed a problematic thyroid. After several years of treatment with the accepted Western medication, there was still no change. After several weeks of treatment with products from the AIM Global range the thyroid stopped being an issue. After six months, the doctors could find no issues at all with her thyroid.

The Bike we love



September 2014 hospital visit when relapse with Multiple Sclerosis.
Travel through the North East of Thailand. Off the beaten tourist trail.

Paul grew up in the norther part of Australia. After his schooling he completed an apprenticeship as a diesel fitter. This took him to many parts of the country. He then decided to join the Australian Army where he served for the following 15 years. After which he has had various different roles including truck driver and area manager. Paul has also traveled widely throughout South East Asia, the experience opening his mind to the fact that there are many other ways and methods of treating illnesses than the accepted Western methods.

At the age of 47 Paul was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After a couple of years of accepted Western treatment, the condition seemed to be getting worse, to the point that the medication seemed to make him feel sicker. Beth introduced Paul to the products of AIM Global. After six months of use and showing steady improvement, Paul felt that he could stop using the Western medicine. While using the acceptable Western medication he was visiting the hospital every 5 or 6 weeks. Paul would be in hospital having a relapse for about 5 days. The final visit to hospital was August of 2014. Since that day, Paul has not used the acceptable Western medication and has only consumed the products of AIM Global.

The bike we love


The Happy couple somewhere on Bribie Island

Paul and Beth became very close over the period of time when he was getting off the prescribed medications. Beth eventually coming to Australia at the invitation of Paul to experience more of life. They were recently married in April of 2015. Together they have formed a team that cares about the health of others, and has compassion and understanding. They fully understand pain and suffering. They understand the feeling at the loss of a loved one due to poor basic health. They understand that there are many other alternative health options available in the world.

Married at last.
And the ring goes on the finger.











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