As we suggested a few weeks ago, a fence extension for Buster the Dog has been built. In a previous post we mentioned that Buster had figured out that the underground fence was only effective on him when he was wearing the special collar. He really is a clever dog, but it can be a little frustrating at times. Still, we do these things for the love of man’s best friend.

Buster the Dog. Who me? I wouldn’t do anything wrong.

So, we had quite a few challenges with our little project. We live in a rental property, so we can’t just go adding big fences. We must be careful, and any addition must be done in such a way that it can be easily removed if and when its required. We must also keep in mind the fact that we don’t really want to invest too much of our money adding value to another persons property, even if we are living in it.

The current fence was built and installed many years ago. It is beginning to show signs of age, and starting to become unstable in some places. We came to the conclusion that some steel star pickets with some bird wire would probably be all that we required. After all, we are only extending the height of the current existing fence. Really, how hard can it possibly be?

Steel Star Pickets installed. Prior to the stringer wires and Bird wire mesh being fitted

We checked a lot of prices online, then checked the prices at some of the local hardware stores. We eventually purchased 12 Steel star pickets at 2.4 Metres in length, also purchasing a 50 Metre roll of bird wire, 1.2 Metres wide. We then faced the joyful task of erecting this fence extension. The fact that after we had the fence extension done, and we are still married, speaks volumes for our devotion to each other.

We installed our fence over the period of a weekend, installing the steel star pickets and the fence wire stringers on the Saturday, then attaching the bird wire on the Sunday. Driving the pickets into the ground was an interesting exercise. They are 2.4 Metres high. I’m only 1.8 tall, so difficult to hammer the picket into the ground when it is taller than I am. Go get the ladder, Beth has to make sure the picket is standing as close as possible to upright, while Paul climbs the ladder and starts hammering the picket into the very hard ground. Did we mention that the ground resembles concrete? After installing 12 star pickets, we went to the gym for a workout, as we didn’t want to waste the warm up exercises that we had been doing by hammering in the star pickets. No, that’s bullshit. We had two cups of coffee, then waited for the cooler afternoon to install the fence wire stringers.

Stringer wires installed and tension. Bird wire mesh fitted, waiting to have tension and be attached to the stringer wires, only attached to the tops of the pickets.

Sunday dawned, we slept in. Then we eventually decided that it was time to finish the fence. After breakfast, of course. The challenge with fixing the bird wire to the pickets and wire stringers, the top of the pickets is 2.2 Metres high. That’s a bloody long way to reach when trying to lift a 70-kg roll of bird wire, especially as I’m only 1.8 tall. So it all began. Beth on the ladder with pliers and roll of wire ties in her hand, and in a bag on her arm. Me below with a roll of bird wire on my shoulder. We very slowly made progress along our fence line, carefully unwinding the roll of bird wire as we moved along the fence line, Beth Attaching the bird wire to the loop at the top of the star pickets. We worked together as a team, slowly but surely making progress. The bird wire cutting our hands and shoulder as it turned.

Different view. Bird mesh only attached to the tops of the pickets. Not yet attached to the stringer wires.

We eventually reached the end of the fence line, and placed tension on the bird wire before fastening it into position. Then began the most difficult section of the whole job. The bird wire needed to be wire fastened to the stringer wires, evenly spaced about a metre apart. We started in the centre and worked out towards the ends. By the end of the ay we have a fence extension installed. Our fingers were very sore from handling the wire, yeah, we used pliers, but for a lot of the tasks, it still needs to be held stationary with fingers. We are not fencing experts, we just did the best that we could with the tools that we had available to us. We worked together as a team to build something that we needed to keep our dog within the confines of our property. The finished result is not exactly pretty, but it seems to be doing the job required very well.

The culprit