As most regular followers would be aware, I’m a professional truck driver (a trucker, or truckie here in Australia), so I’m always navigating myself around the highways and byways of this country. I’m reasonably confident that I can say that I have a good idea on how to get myself from one area of the country to another without the use of any maps.

I am however the first to admit that modern navigation tools are fantastic and I utilise them. I might know how to get to a general area, but the navigation tool will get me to the correct street, first time, with no guesswork. More importantly, it will usually get me there in the quickest and simplest manner, and that is very important when driving a truck.

I have had quite a few people ask me which navigation tool (GPS, Sat Nav device) do I use. Well to be honest, over the years I have used several different brands and types, I keep coming back to Garmin. Over the years I have found that they do everything that I need, and they do it well.

Beth and I have travelled a lot of the country with work. We have been to some reasonably remote areas, and we have been to some big cities. Our Garmin navigated us through all of those areas. We have travelled much of the country, at one point we covered 82,000 kilometres (50,952 Miles) in 14 months, a lot of it over rough roads. The Garmin has continued to operate without any problems, we just give it a map update every year.

We are very aware that there are many other brands out there. We are very aware that some of those brands also have quite good reputations. We have found through experience that the Garmin product is best for us. Garmin suits our needs perfectly. We are currently using a Garmin Nuvi, it’s a few years old now, it’s has had a few updates, and still works very well. In saying that, we are considering upgrading it to a newer device.

It seems that Garmin no longer make the Nuvi series, although there are still a few old stock items listed on Amazon (and a few other sites I’m sure), I’ll put a link to the Nuvi page at Amazon so you can all check them out.


Garmin now make several different series, being the Drive Series, DriveSmart Series, DriveAssist Series and, DriveLuxe Series. All of these are available on Amazon and I’ll also place a link in this post to the relevant page at Amazon so you can all check them out at your leisure.

So there I was thinking that we would possibly be replacing our faithful Garmin Nuvi with one of the new basic Garmin Drive or maybe a Garmin DriveSmart. Then a friend of ours shows me his new Garmin Dezl Series. Oh, now that’s just not fair. I’m getting a little confused now. The basic model Dezl Series is priced about the same as the DriveSmart Series. Now the Dezl Series is specifically for those of us in the heavy transport industry. Within the settings, the user can enter the dimensions and weights of the rig that is being operated. The Garmin Dezl Series then sets a route using the weights and dimensions, so that the correct roads are driven on. More importantly, the incorrect roads are not driven on. This would certainly reduce the risk of suddenly becoming an internet sensation with pictures of the rig stuck under a low bridge. Needless to say, I’m impressed. I’ll also put a link within the post here for the Garmin Dezl Series.