Sending money home to the Philippines is something that we all seem to have to do at some point. There are thousands of reasons why it is done. It’s not just the Philippines, it is also people from many other countries around the world that for one reason or many reasons, they need to send cash back to their loved ones in another country. The question that we all ask is, what is the best method to send cash home to my family in another country?

There are so many options available. There are so many companies offering methods of transferring funds overseas. We have tried out many of them. We do not claim to be experts in the field, but we have had personal experience at sending our own hard-earned cash to family and loved ones overseas. We will share some of our experience, and you can test them out with the information that we have shared. So possibly the biggest and best known company is Western Union. When it comes to the subject of sending money to Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, or Malaysia, it is easy to use Western Union as the automatic default. They have offices and agencies seemingly everywhere. This is great for the convenience factor, along with the fact that it can be sent at any hour of day or night, and picked up as soon as business is open at the local office or agent. The receiving person doesn’t even require access to a bank account. The down side is the slightly high fees that are charged to send, and often there are fees to collect that are charged to the receiver by the agent. This is the price of the convenience.

There are several other companies that we have used personally to send cash home to the Philippines. One that we used several times is I-Remit, another that we have used is World Remit. Both of these companies offer a good service, but as with all of these companies, you will pay a fee. All of the companies will charge a fee for transferring the funds, that is how they make money. They are in the business to make money, not offer a free service. It is the responsibility of the sender to try to figure out which is best for them, as all individuals are different. We learned that as a general rule, some of the exchange rates offered by the smaller companies may be slightly higher than that offered by the larger companies such as Western Union. But then you have to try to figure how much you will be paying in fees.

I’ll try to explain some of the fees, but as previously stated, I’m not an expert, and it would be best for each person to do their own research into what would suit you best. With most of the smaller companies, you will pay a set fee for amounts sent up to (for example) $500, then another set fee for any amount between $500 – $2000. With Western Union, you will pay a % fee of any funds sent. So, it is often cheaper to use a smaller company, but Western Union is (as previously mentioned) very convenient. We also experimented with the option of trying to send from our bank here in Australia direct to the bank account in the Philippines. All that I will say about that little discussion is that the major banking institutions here in Australia are a bunch of greedy thieves, that will overcharge for absolutely everything, they are to be avoided at all costs.

This brings us to the company that we are using now. Orbit Remit seems to offer the best of both worlds. It has very good exchange rates, yet it also offers a flat fee, no matter how much is sent. It has some great features on the website, including a method of setting up a recurring transfer, just set and forget. It’s all done electronically, so the transfers can be tracked. I know that for many people this is a great option. I’m also very aware that there are many people in the world that this wouldn’t suit, as the receiving family member doesn’t have a bank account, that is one of the great options with the Western Union style of doing business. The upside to all of this online electronic tracking of funds, it is very safe, it has a very fast turnaround time, so funds are usually at the destination within 24 hours. It’s simple, and it is able to be used with iOS or android, so even on your mobile device.

Now, the really good part. I always save the best until last. This company offers a reward if you refer some of our friends, and they use Orbit Remit to send money overseas. So, as well as offering great exchange rates, Orbit Remit will also pay you when your friends that you refer to them use Orbit Remit to send money. For many years I was a faithful user of Western Union. I can honestly say that Western Union never gave me a discount of fees, and certainly never gave me cash for referring any of my friends.

If you are in the position where you need to send funds internationally, do yourself a favour and check out Orbit Remit, use the link that we supply you here, (hey, we like to get a bit of cash too) and check out what they have to offer. We know that you will be very pleased that you did. By all means check out the rates that the other companies offer, but have a very good look at Orbit Remit.