Travel Insurance for Pinay returning to Philippines can potentially be a real minefield. The information that we learned would also apply to any other person from any other country, it really is a bit of a minefield. I’ll try to explain as best I can. The reasons we learned all of this can be found at Beth’s return to The Philippines.

International Departures. Brisbane. Australia.

At the time of writing (August 2017) Beth is still a citizen of the Philippines. Although we are waiting for the Spouse Visa (Australian) to be approved, she is not yet classed as a resident of Australia. In June of this year we had to get Beth home to the Philippines to spend some time with her sick elderly mother. We purchased tickets from our local travel agent who was having a sale at the time, we actually got quite a good deal. Then we tried to purchase some travel insurance. The agent could not give us the standard travel insurance from the company that they used, as it was only for Australian Citizens. This is when it started to get challenging.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Terminal 3. Manila. Philippines

The mainstream travel insurance providers state in their policy that the applicant must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. As we are waiting for Spouse Visa approval, Beth is currently neither of these. We then contacted Pacific Cross at as they were the original travel insurance provider when Beth traveled from Philippines to Australia. The result was that they can only cover if the journey is initiated in the Philippines. As this journey was to start here in Brisbane, Pacific cross couldn’t help. We emailed them to see if there was a way around this dilemma, but unfortunately, they were unable to assist us.

We now started to contact some other international travel insurance companies. This is when we learned some more interesting facts. We found a company that initially said that they would be able to help us, then had to change when they learned more details from. They could cover the journey from Brisbane to Manila, however they could not supply cover for any domestic travel taken while in the Philippines, nor could they cover any incident that might occur while in the country of the Philippines, as Beth is a citizen of Philippines. Basically, the only time Beth would be covered, was while on the flight between Australia and Philippines. Some people might think that this is OK, however I was more concerned about the tricycles, motorbikes and jeepneys than I was about Philippine Airlines.

Heading for Davao Airport. Note the police checkpoint.

We were more concerned about possible incidents while actually in the Philippines than we were about the plane flight to and from the Philippines. We were starting to get concerned, rather worried at the prospect of Beth not being covered by insurance while in Philippines. We were doing a lot of searching on the internet, and quite a few phone calls to local insurance companies to ask their advice. By following some links on various back packer specialist sites, we eventually found ourselves at the site for Aussie Travel Cover.

Right there on their Home page they state that they provide travel insurance for non-residents of Australia. You can find them at We gave them a call, explaining all of the details of the situation. They were very helpful and offered us plenty of advice and options. Now I’m the first to admit that this cover was not at all cheap. It was however affordable at about $140, most importantly, it was actually available. The very thought of Beth traveling around the Philippines with no insurance cover strikes me with terror.

As with all insurance cover, there are different levels of cover available. It goes without saying that the more you are prepared to pay, the more comprehensive your cover will be. We chose a mid-range type of cover, because Beth had no intention of Mountain climbing activities, nor was she intending to do and white-water type activities. This company is not financially rewarding me in any way for sharing their details. I’m sharing their details as an example for other people that might find themselves in a similar situation. Any person that is not a Citizen of this country (Australia), or a permanent resident will have a challenge trying to purchase travel insurance. We are simply sharing our story, and the results of what we learned. We hope that you all have pleasant travels. The fact that all of these events happened just prior to our computer deciding to die is fantastic. Imagine if it had decided to die just prior to, or worse, while attempting to learn all of this. You can find out more about the death of our computer, and why I now say that it is just so important to Back up all of your data.