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Sending Money Home to The Philippines.

  Sending money home to the Philippines is something that we all seem to have to do at some point. There are thousands of reasons why it is done. It’s not just the Philippines, it is also people from many other countries around the world that for one reason or many reasons, they need to..

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Travel Insurance for Pinay returning to Philippines

Travel Insurance for Pinay returning to Philippines can potentially be a real minefield. The information that we learned would also apply to any other person from any other country, it really is a bit of a minefield. I’ll try to explain as best I can. The reasons we learned all of this can be found..

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A Multi Cultural Relationship

Are You Sure A Multi Cultural Relationship. This post deals specifically with Australia and Philippines, however, it is also applicable to other Western and Eastern countries. You just need to change the word Australia to USA, England etc. Also change the Philippines to Thailand, Vietnam etc. We are going to attempt to write a bit..

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