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Hidden Fence Update With Buster The Dog

The antics of Buster the Dog have given us a reason to post the latest update about the Hidden Fence, also sometimes known as an Underground Fence. Until quite recently we would only use the fence when we had to leave Buster at home alone, then only for short periods of time. It was working..

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Travel Insurance for Pinay returning to Philippines

Travel Insurance for Pinay returning to Philippines can potentially be a real minefield. The information that we learned would also apply to any other person from any other country, it really is a bit of a minefield. I’ll try to explain as best I can. The reasons we learned all of this can be found..

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Pinay Beth visits Roma Street Parklands.

We have driven past the Roma Street Parklands many times in the last few years, we have even successfully used it as a shortcut when making deliveries in the Brisbane inner city area. We thought that it was time for us to spend a little time in this wonderful inner city parkland. Some people would..

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