If you own a cell phone and, you drive a vehicle, you need a hands free headset. It really is that simple. No if’s buts or maybes, you need a hands free (Bluetooth) headset. Different countries, and different states have different laws about driving while talking on the phone. There is one very common problem that is EXACTLY the same no matter where you are driving in the world. When you have an accident due to not paying attention because you were “on the phone”, it hurts exactly the same. The innocent people in the other car are just as dead in this country as they would be in another country. Don’t kid yourself, you need a hands free headset.

Over the years that I’ve been using phones I’ve had quite a few different types of headsets. I’m the first to admit that I might be a little bit hard on equipment. Items such as phones and headsets get a hard life when they are in my possession. I keep returning to the headsets from Plantronics, because I find that they do what I need, reliably, for a reasonable cost.

Now I know that you might be thinking that you really don’t need a headset. After all, you only drive to work each day, then maybe a little on the weekend, you don’t need a headset. You rarely make calls on the phone while driving. Yeah, I’ve seen you at the traffic lights, phone on your legs, looking down at it, not really paying attention. Believe me, you need a headset. The Police officer on his motorcycle can see you looking down too.

As I previously said, I’ve had quite a few headsets over the years, I keep returning to the Plantronics brand. I’ll put in a few links here for some Plantronics headsets that are available on Amazon for a very reasonable cost. Sure, you can get some very expensive headsets that have so many features I don’t understand them all. Most of us (myself included) just need a headset that we can use to make and receive phone calls so that we can hear what the other person is trying to say, and they can hear us. Simple.

Just click on the picture for the link to Amazon
Just click on the picture for the link to Amazon

I’m not aware of any headset that is capable of reading and sending text messages for you. They all only seem to do audio only, no ability to type. If you really feel the need to read the text message, pull over to the side of the road and read it, it is so much safer to do so. Might I also suggest the same for sending text messages. The other alternative that I often utilise is even simpler. I ask Beth to read it out to me, then I dictate the reply that she types in and sends, while I continue to drive.