We spend a lot of time travelling for work. Because of this communications are very important to us. Our phones are our methods of keeping in touch with family and friends. In this modern world, our phones are also our gateway to the internet. Sure, sitting here at home typing these posts, I’m using a desktop. When we are away somewhere we use a phone. When I’m using the desktop, Beth will be using her phone.

The humble little mobile phone of a few years ago has evolved into a handheld computer that just happens to be able to make a phone call. Who would have thought all those years ago when I was using my very first phone (a Nokia) that one day it would connect to the internet. The inter what?

Over the years we’ve owned many different phones, and many different brands of phones. They all had good points and not so good points. Each was unique as the situations in life changes and our needs change, so the requirements that we want from our mobile devices change.

We have no problem admitting to our friends and family (and anyone else that might listen) that we are both fans of the Apple iPhone. I’m actually a bit of an Apple system tragic really, having initially become a huge fan with the introduction of the iPod (now known as the Classic). I loved that thing (still do) because I could connect it to the stereo in the truck, and have all my tunes along for the journey, without all of the CD’s and cases getting strewn throughout the cab.

We have a very unique situation, as Beth is needing to be able to keep in contact with her family. Some of you may think that is not so unique, but Beth’s family is in a different country. Without a phone capable of connecting to the internet, we would have massive phone bills. Beth can connect to the internet, and by using Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber, she can be happily chatting with a family member reasonably easily. If she can connect to free WiFi, it’s even better.

I had an iPhone 4 for a while, then I upgraded to an iPhone 5. That was a great phone, and I had it for a couple of years. When Beth arrived in Australia she had a smart phone of another brand. She wasn’t really very happy with it, as it often just would not do what she wanted it to do. Beth was also having a lot of problems with the screen constantly freezing, or hanging. She was occasionally using my iPhone 5, usually saying that it was so nice to use. Even the menu system kinda made sense.

After a few months I eventually took the hint, and we went to the Apple store to figure out a way that we could give her my iPhone 5, while I would get a new iPhone 6. That idea worked so well that we walked out of the store with a brand new iPhone 6 each. We are both still very happy with the choice that we made that day. We are very aware that there is now an iPhone 7 (has been for a while now), but we still find that we like our current iPhone 6. It really does do everything that we ask of it. All of the pictures on this website, and many others we did with our iPhones. Beth does a lot of video recording and editing for some of the groups that she is involved with. She does all of it with her iPhone 6.

I’m not at all critical of the new iPhone 7. The exact opposite in reality, I’d love to be able to have the cash to purchase one. In our current financial situation we can’t justify to ourselves the extra expense to purchase, when the iPhone 6 is still doing such a great job for us. It was this thought that led me to check out Amazon and see what types of deals were available there for the iPhone 6, especially now that the iPhone 7 has been out for a while. Look, if you are even thinking about shopping for a new smart phone, you really do need to check out some of the deals going on for the now superseded iPhone6. Believe me, they are still a great option, and now they are seriously affordable when compared to the cost of a new iPhone7.

Don’t just take my word for this. Seriously, click on the links below for the iPhone 6 and check out some of the deals available. If iPhones don’t interest you, you might want to check out some f the deals that we have on the cook books. Hey, maybe your similar to us and check out the deals on everything, we do.